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MS.Add.9276: 15 state tracts and speeches, with letters, in several hands, c.1635-50, mostly copied by professional scribes, and bound together apparently in the 17th century. The volume has the bookplate of Thomas Brooke, Armitage Bridge, inside the front cover; the bookplate of Fairfax of Cameron inside the back cover; and the stamps of Sir Richard Betenson, Bart., and Sir Thomas Phillipps.

[1] Francis Bacon, 'A speech delivered by Sr Francis Bacon in the Lower House of Parliament concerning the Article of generall Naturalization of the Scottish Nation'; with numerous corrections, alterations, and remarks in another hand, one dated 1640.

[2] 'The Prayer used in the Kings Army after the Bataile of Kineton [Edgehill] 1642'.

[3] 'A Conference Betweene Signiour Gondomar his Ma[jes]ties Ambassador of Spaine, the Friar Confessour and Father Bal[d]wyn the Jesuite att Ely house in Holborne. November 20: 1620'.

[4] Sir Walter Raleigh (attrib.), 'A Shorte discourse of Sir Walter Rawleighes, Concerning the 1. Propagation of the Catholicke Religion 2. Exaltacion of the popes supremacie 3. Glorification of the Spanish Monachie 4. Extenuacion of the Lowe Countries Glorie 5. The abuseing of Englands Simplicitie'. In the same hand as [3].

[5] 'An Experimentall discovery of the generall Defects of all sorts of wines etc.'

[6] 'Chemical divinity, or (as I conceive) of the Rosie crutians doctrine...Aurora Sapientia Of the three principles and begininge of the mistery of wisdome, In which the ground Key of all wisdome is layed open directing to the true understandinge of God of Man, and the whole world...Tendeinge to the honor of God the revelacion of the true wisdome and the se[r]vice of the sixt church of philodelphia beare witness of God and of Jesus Christ in Anno 1639'; c.1650, many corrections and alterations.

[7] Henry Howard, 1st Earl of Northampton, 'An Answere to the Coppye of a Rayleinge Invectyve (against the Regyment of woemen in generall) with Certayne Malliparte exceptions, to dyvers, and sundrye matters, of State, wrytten, to Queene Elizabeth'. There are notes on the verso of the last folio, 'ways in which Engilsh queens furthered cause of religion in England'.

[8] 'The Catholiques of Englands Letter to King James at his first Entrance into England for approbation and tolleration of theire Religion'.

[9] Sir Henry Wotton, 'A Letter to the late Lord Treasurer Earle of Portland'. In the same hand as [8].

[10] 'The coppie of the Challenge sent by the Earle of Northumberland to Sir Frauncis Veere; And Sir Frauncis Veere his answere' [1602].

[11] 'A letter from the Pope to his Nuncio in England' [c.1639].

[12] Sir Francis Bacon, 'Observations Politticall and Civill'.

[13] Sir Francis Bacon, 'The Confession of Faith', otherwise known as the 'Prayer' or 'Psalm'.

[14] 'Off Councell in Warr'.

[15] Sir Walter Raleigh, 'A Breiffe Discourse Touchinge a Marryage Betwene Prince Henrye of England And a daughter of Savoye'.

MS.Add.9277: State tracts copied in a single hand, c.1630. The title on the spine of the volume reads 'Divers things. MSS. A Paralell. Fragmenta Regalia. Shorte Compendium. Johnson's Reformation of things'. Inside the front cover is the bookplate of Fairfax of Cameron; inside the back cover is a cutting of Sotheby's Clumber Library sale, 16 February 1938, lot 1341 (29).

[1] Sir Henry Wotton, 'A Paralell betweene Roberte Devoreux Earle of Essex And George villiers Duke of Buckingham. Written by Sir Henry Wotton...To the late Lord Treasurer the Earle of Portland'.

[2] [Sir Robert Naunton], 'Fragmenta Regalia, or Observacions on Queene Elizabeth her Tymes and Favourites'.

[3] 'A Shorte Compendium or Breife Declaration what everie officer of his Maiesties Courte of Exchequer ought to doe by vertue of his office in England As alsoe The Artickles of the unitinge of the late Courte of Augmentations and Revenewes of the Crowne and the late Courte of First Fruits and Tenthes to the Courte of Exchequer att Westminster', written at the request of Lord Buckhurst, Lord Treasurer, later 1st Earl of Dorset, c.1600.

[4] Robert Johnson, Archdeacon of Leicester (1540-1625), recommendations for the reform of the administration of Crown lands, arising from an Elizabethan commission to examine practice in Buckinghamshire manors; introductory letter to King James, 24 May 1603.

Administrative / Biographical History

Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626), Viscount St Albans and Lord Chancellor; Sir Walter Raleigh (1552-1618), naval commander; Henry Howard (1540-1614), 1st Earl of Northampton; Sir Henry Wotton (1568-1639), diplomat and poet; Sir Robert Naunton (1563-1635), politician; Robert Johnson (1540-1625), Archdeacon of Leicester; and others.

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Purchased at Sotheby's, 13th December 1994.


Description compiled by Robert Steiner, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives.

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