George Hughes to Miss Mary Hughes, 11 Jul 1915

Scope and Content

The letter is typedscript with handwritten corrections. The letter regards George's growing liking for the [Daily] Herald [that Miss Hughes sends to him]; saying George Lansbury [who established helped found the paper in 1912, Labour MP; 1910-1912; 1922-1940; and Party leader 1932-1935. He used the paper, as editor, to oppose the war.] is a man fashioned after God as he expresses the "land value robbery". George then discusses the nature of capital and peoples misunderstanding of it, saying that when the Herald uses capitalism they are meaning privelege, although he likes the absence of denunciation of Germany and appeals to international law. It is Georges views that if "the nations" install free trade ther will be no more wars. He then discusses Bellamy's book Equality and war and law. George then concludes with salitations from his wife, Lena, and comments that they know Miss Hughes is never far from "bitter sorriw and pending disaster". Only digitised version can be produced.