George Hughes to Miss Mary Hughes and BCW, 1 Aug 1915

Scope and Content

The letter is typedscript with handwritten corrections. The letter regards some of George's work that is being published in an agricultural paper, he refers to sending the Public of Chicago that prints most of what he sends them and asks Miss Hughes to pass it around to Dick and Angell [pacifists] and comments he does not understand why pacifism does not use free trade more. George says he wishes he could accompany Miss Hughes to a land value meeting she is attneding, with Misses Knight and Garrett. George reports he has had a card from Pip [Arthur]. George then responds to something Miss Hughes has evidently written and this leads him into discussing work houses, in particular punishment, and Tolstoi [Tolstoy] theory that the rich would do anything for the poor but get off their backs. George then predicts an economic change after the end of the war, saying we [America] will have to feed Europe unpaid ..if it [the war] keeps up another year". He then gives family news. Only digitised version can be produced.