George Hughes to Miss Mary Hughes, 31 Aug 1915

Scope and Content

The letter is typedscript with handwritten corrections. The letter is a response to a letter from Miss Hughes. George refers to her not being in favour of the Registration Bill [it was introduced in July 1915 and allowed for personal information on all the adult population to be compiled in locally-held registers, identity cards were then to be issued. Some saw this as a pretext to conscription.] and comments that those who have never wanted for bread cannot understand why she opposes it. George comments on Lord Sligo [George Ulick Browne, 1856-1935] being head of the Vice Presidents [of Ireland?]. George then gives family news. On the verso of the letter is the start of a pirce for the Youth's Companion [from 1827, it was a small periodical with overtly religious and instructional aims] about the "fundamental cure for Armamment". Only to be produced under close supervision.