George Hughes to Miss Mary Hughes, 19 Sep 1915

Scope and Content

The letter is typedscript with handwritten corrections. The letter regards George receiving letters from Janet Dicks and Lady Weigall, the [Daily] Herald and the Labour Leader. He notes that the [Daily] Herald includes more on land value than previously and that George Lansbury had backed a women's suffrage and a land value taxation meeting. George comments that pubs don"t miss a chance as they are now selling the only good temperance drinks in saloons, he then discusses prohibition in Kansas saying it saved money [by this time Kansas state was trying to enforce prohibition] but George does not support prohibition and regards some who do as hypocrites. He seems alcolhism as a vice of the idle and parasitic rich and poor and believes that if priviledge was abolished then vices would receed as all would receive what they produced. He points out that Kansas" population would not fill Hyde Park and so cannot be used as a comparison for London. George then refers to some points in Janet dicks letter. He closes saying he believes Germans as a whole will rise from despotic socialism and never again will it be permitted. Only digitised version can be produced.