Thomas Hughes to Partner [Jim/James Hughes], 17 May 1890-11 Mar 1893

Scope and Content

This file contains two letters. The first, 17 May 1890, refers to books Jim has been reading. One of them, Looking Backwards, prompts Hughes to say that it is state socialism with the government as owner and distributor of property and that this could not work whilst acts of Parliament and congress can change men and women and even so it would not be wanted. He questions on what pretext the government could take property and that in the new moral world [of the book] two thirds of people who are idle would end up living on the rest who are not. The second, 11 Mar 1893, concerns money and ranch matters [Jim is living in Kansas, USA]. Hughes comments on Jim's possible problems gaining American citizenship and the prospect he may have to work for the state. Hughes then comments on the cause "for the regular party" [Republicans] bosses keeping profitable work for themselves. Hughes suspects [Grover] Cleveland's move to Washington [he began his second presidential term in 1893] will make much difference to Republicans at first as Blaine [who had been voted presidential candidate] had left things as tangled as possible. Hughes then comments that the "way they [the Republican government] ran up the [army] pension list was a shamefully cynical move under Harrison [Benjamin, President before Cleveland]. Hughes believes that Cleveland is wanting to make politics more honest but that what went before his administration will cause problems for all governments for twenty years and that if Cleveland's successors return to scandals then Hughes does not see "how your US are able to hold together and go on". Hughes then talks about dear old Jim [a relative?] and his London house being near family and his business prospects.