Thomas Hughes to Mrs Hughes, 3 Old Square, 10-16 Apr 1863

Scope and Content

This file contains four letters. The first, 10 Apr, describes Hughes journey to Old Square, starting at Derby via Hitchin [where he thought of visiting his children but did not] and now ready to start the new term [of the House of Commons being in session post-Easter recess]. Hughes writes that "it was a very satisfactory church affair" at Derby. He refers to Ellison, the rector of Windsor, having spoken, and agreeing with the church feeling Clarke has evoked. Hughes was required to speak without a remit, which he finds "an abomination". He then writes about some enclosed documents [absent] that refer to; Hughes being stump again in St James Hall on the 24 Apr; Sir F Buxton deciding to come out, which Hughes hopes will be a more respectable business than the last time; and about the "poor old Silters affair" [a divorce]. He then closes with personal news, including that Lady Trelawings son has gone wrong at Cambridge. The second, 14 Apr, contains domestic news and news of the Hamilton family [the Hughes family doctor],Mrs Glyn and Lady W[illiams] of Audley Square, whom Hughes has visited. He then writes of other guests that arrived at Lady W[illiams]'s and how they discussed the Vansittarts' story. He closes with an update on his stump and Silter. The third letter, 15 Apr, contains domestic news, including visits he has made. One of these to Davies's who "thought that the B[isho]p of London would ordain me without a question" but Hughes said he would never do it unless Mrs Hughes urged him to. He mentions Sir G Lewis" death and how good luck follows de Grey who must now be promoted to cabinet minister [he was Secretary of State for War, 1863-1866, also known as Lord Ripon] and how he will "give him a help in The Spectator and other places". He closes by saying Jim [James, their son] might get leave for three months from Hamilton [his doctor]. The forth, 16 Apr, refers to Hughes having to finish an article for The Spectator and visits he has made. He particularly mentions Lord Ripon not thinking he has a chance at a War Office or being promoted to the Cabinet, although people think he deserves the post and would have in were his name Russell, Cavindish or even Cowper. Hughes mentions Silter having visited Mrs Hughes.