Letters from CW, London, 16 Jul-28 Sep 1915

Scope and Content

This file contains three letters. The first, 16 Jul 1915, regards a request made by CW for information from Mr Hodgenson and asks Miss Hughes if she could gather the information and apologises for being out when Miss Hughes called. The second, 18 Aug 1915, regards a visit to Miss Welch and comments on her fire and use of gas. The letter eemarks that Mrs Bellems is happy in her work. The third, 28 Sep 1915, regards a visit CW has made to Kingsley Hall and asks when Miss Hughes can be found. News is then given of a trip to Toynbee Hall which had a good gathering of students but no special lectures [founded 1884, centre of social educaton in Whitechapel]. CW comment that Mrs Mcnarth has been asked to go to Birmingham to help with "a canteen at some works" and so Miss Bunbridge [name smudged] is taking over management of the Nadham Rooms. CW then comments on a letter Thomas Hughes and written and commetns that nephew Tom must be proud of his grandfather, CW is therefore possibly related. An unaddressed letter from CW is also in file THL/6/1ii.