Thomas Hughes to Mrs Hughes, Athenaeum Club, London, ud [c1867 or later? Hughes's dated letters from London prior and during 1867 are addressed Old Square]

Scope and Content

This file contains two letters. The first contains news of a dinner Hughes has attended with Uncle Tom and Alice [probably the uncles daughter] and of their son, Jack who lost some of his dividend warrant and so Hughes had to write to the Secretary of the railway for him. Hughes refers to going with E Harcourt and the Artillery Association Council to Guild Hall. Hughes is attending a Crystal Palace [written as an abbreviation with the full name written in red ink by Hughes's son]. Hughes has had his pocket picked. The second contains references to a yearly meeting of a young men's club held at Salisbury, the members are mostly Tories and so important to influence and who Hughes was advising. Hughes saw Dutton [? writing is smudged] but didn"t stop him due to reports that Ryder will make way for Lord Nelson's son as second candidate but Hughes does not believe it, he comments the Tories will have their meeting and then it will be known. He then refers to seeing Burges and news of "their" bank that failed in Cornwall not being Mrs Hughes's mother's bank.