Letters from Lady Hester Sterling of Plaidstow, The Crag, Falmouth, 26 May 1905-5 May 1910

Scope and Content

This file contains seven letters, Lady Hester was possibly Mary's aunt. The first, 26 May 1905, regards the death of Jack and the nature of his illness. She refers to going to Bodmin, one of Hughes's sons has written that this was to visit a girls home, probably the ladies clinic established by Emma Cons at Bodmin known as the Home for Feeble-Minded Girls". The second, 19 Apr 1906, regards a news cutting about Willie Bellows. She comments that it is wonderful that Miss Hughes has acquired [James] Pittsford's for her temperance meeting. She comments on the situation at Bodmin and the need to find a matron. On the verso someone has added a note, about a visit from the Hodgkin's, news of Connie Wilton Fox and comments that Pettifords must take care to make suitable rooms for mothers. The third, 26 Apr 1907, discusses mutual friends/acquaintances. Lady Hester has acquired the services of Catherine Cole for Bodmin, she comments that she has never before had so much hope about the home even though there will always be "curious difficulties". The forth,16 Feb 1908, regards a visit by Miss [Emma] Cons [1838-1912] to the Home and the hope that Miss Hughes is settled in Long Cott [Farringdon]. Miss Hughes was involved in the running of Long Catt/Cott [correct spelling unknown] a home for the poor and needy. She then conveys news of the Homes new matron and new Executive Committee member, Mrs De Grey. The fifth, 26 Mar 1908, discusses issues with a girl at the Home and chatters about mutual friends/acquaintances. The sixth, 1 Apr 1910, thanks Miss Hughes for Mrs Pettifords visit to Bodmin. It appears that Sterling is to leave the management of the Home to Fan[ny] Rogers. The seventh, 5 May 1910, comments that she is thinking of Miss Cons and her having to make arrangements for Lilian Hughes [Miss Hughes's sister] long enforced absence and relates the news that Miss Cons is to resign from the National Committee of the Feebleminded, about which she is glad commenting that it should have been a national movement but Cons was thwarted and instead it became perverted. She then discusses news at the Home.