Letter from George Fauy[?], Oultencroft, 6 Apr 1880

Scope and Content

The letter refers to Hughes's previous letter and the sense he felt that Hughes was the one man in England used harder than himself. The letter regards the recent, Apr 1880, election at Plymouth where Sir Edward Bates was elected the second member [Conservative] and Peter Stewart Macliver was elected the first member [Liberal], defeating Sampson Samuel Lloyd [Conservative] the winner in 1874 [Bates was second in 1874 also]. He also refers to Hughes's successor at Salisbury, Grenfell, being a great friend of his [Hughes was never member for Salisbury and so he must mean Grenfell is also a Liberal] was elected first and Passmore Edwards second on the "feminist cause of "who was first?" Fauy comments that now is the time for Hughes to "have a fat place".