Thomas Hughes to Mrs Hughes, Old Square and unidentified, 7-15 Jan 1867

Scope and Content

This file contains five letters. The first, Old Square, 7 Jan, contains details of Hughes journey to London and his carriage companions, Smith [the owner of the Pall Mall Club] and Theodore Martin [solicitor and writer of Bon Gaultier Ballads]. Hughes mentions gossip about Swimburne [Algernon Charles, a controversial poet], the possible publication of a novel by Mrs Cameron and Tennyson's moving to Sussex, about who he comments "what a pity he is so absurdly sensitive". He then writes about home news and of their children. Hughes's son has written in red ink "To Mama at Brighton". The second, 10 Jan, contains details of a dinner Hughes has attended, he mentions Clare who had been visiting from France to meet Lord Stanley [1841-1908] and further details of Clare's movements. He mentions having been to Chambers. Hughes closes by saying he has heard of the success of "jeanine's and Miss Thackerays joint entertainment" at the Chelsea Vestry Hall. The third, Old Square, 14 Jan, refers to Hughes having no court cases for the next few days. Hughes gives details of his dress making co-operative, saying it has a profit of pound300 and upwards "enough to pay pound5 per cent" had there not been a loss in the first year, a dividend shall not be recommended due to this loss but Hughes looks forward to great things for the business. Hughes also refers to seeing Chapman the publisher on the train but having only seen "the faithful adjuctant" in town who is talking of leaving London, if he does so Hughes will resign [he is therefore presumably referring to his boss or somebody at Chambers]. Hughes's son has written in red ink "To Mama at Brighton". The forth, 15 Jan, refers to dining with Merivale [possibly, Herman [1806-1874] civil servant or Charles [1808-1893] historian and dean of Ely Cathedral] to discuss co-operation, he writes 'see how we are rising in the world when the wise men are beginning debate over us". Hughes mentions The Pips. Hughes's letter is written on the reverse side of a note to Mrs Hughes, 14 Jan, that contains a dinner invite from Lucy Losehen. The fifth, 15 Jan, refers to some tickets Edmund is purchasing and a visit from Dudley, the American Consul, who Hughes has "got rid of". Edmund has been to Burnley and gotten business but finds the common law men are against him, Hughes comments that they are often like this to outsiders. Hughes refers to the goodness of Brighton's air and reports of this from Mrs Marwood Tucker.