Thomas Hughes to Mrs Hughes, Old Square, London, ud [c1863-1867? Post c1867 all the dated letters from London are written from the Athenaeum Club]

Scope and Content

This file contains eleven letters. The first contains news of a journey to London with Sitter. Hughes refers to a letter that George V[ansittart] has written Hughes, thinking he was in Bordeaux in which he details Mrs AV's "wickedness" for the last few years and which Hughes is trying to recover. Sitter is going through a divorce and Hughes offers his opinions on the subject. Hughes then reports that Lady Stirling is dead, in reference to her husband Hughes discusses British husbands. He comments that he is quite independent of the bar as he can make more money by writing. The second contains news of an accident their son [James/Jim] has had. The third contains news of a visit by Mary Grant and thoughts on his wife's health and workload. He refers to his own work for "the princely old lady". The forth refers to a marriage settlement Hughes is working on. The fifth contains domestic news and arrangements. Hughes refers to a pleasant dinner at Macmillan's, HG Kingsley having shared Eversley gossip and being "much taken with" Mabel Adeave. He then went on to Lady W[illiams][illia?]ms where Hastings [probably Hughes's brother] told them about the budget speech, he then mentions more guests arriving including Fred[erick?] Eliott "who Lady W[illiams] says is much in with Mimmie Senior [a relation of Hughes's through marriage]. On this day Hughes is to go to Chelsea to meet with men who want to form a college there. The sixth contains references to Hughes missing a days work but it being worthwhile as "what I go for important enough to make it a duty no one else can do-so though I often have doubts, even about my cooperative plasterings, I shall probably go onto the end" and then discusses the nature of duty. Hughes mentions having seen the Secretary to the Dress Making Co[operative] who thinks they will pay a dividend and have a good report [Hughes was involved with the Board of this venture]. Hughes is to go to Birmingham the next day. The seventh contains news of George Vansittart's wife having been cheating on him for two years and GB having to serve the wife with the citation. Hughes then writes of Sitter and his connection to the case. Hughes is leaving London for Liverpool. The eighth contains references to Vansittart who "never said a word about his wife". He then discusses homoeopathic systems. The ninth contains a note about an enclosed [not included] letter from Miss Hill and a reference to her book, which Hughes does not much care for. Their son Jack is with the Mac's where he is being taught and trained Hughes then writes about some friends" activities and discusses the Pall Mall's free list [of people who receive newspapers]. The tenth contains news of a crazy day and news of Hughes's club. He refers to Mrs Hughes dining with Lady W[illia]ms whilst he performs at the "Arts". The eleventh and final one contains a header note that all went off "famously" at Liverpool. The rest of the letter is concerned with plans for Mrs Hughes visit.