Thomas and Fanny [Francis] Hughes to Pip [Arthur?] Hughes, c13 Aug 1892-22 Mar 1896

Scope and Content

This file contains three letters and one item. The first, c 22 March 1896, from Fanny [Francis] Hughes, with news of Hughes's death, that she says was painless, and to give details of what she will do. The second, Brasmar, 13 Aug 1892, from Thomas Hughes, thanks Pip for the Report and balance sheet of St Neots Co-operative Association which, he comments, seems thoroughly sound and that it must be "a pleasant thought" to be one of the founders. Hughes comments that the longer he lived the more convinced he is that many "evils & troubles of modern life" will only be worked out by co-operation "on true lines". He comments that the "craze" of the younger generation to work out 'salvation" by Parliament, and for the state to over-ride the individual, is counter to the solution. Hughes then gives news of where he is [in the Highlands] and some of the people there, Lord Justice Rowen, the Austen Leigh's and Sir Pollock [? ink smudge]. The third, Pitlochry, 10 May 1895, from Thomas Hughes, and discusses a book that Evelyn might have been talking of. Also included are notes by Arthur to himself ["AH to AH"] on the meaning of "difference" [two folios].