Thomas Hughes to Mrs Hughes, The George, ud

Scope and Content

This file contains two letters. The first, refers to a meetings of the Conservatives and rumours that Donald Nicol is on "his way down" to divide the Liberals and that Sleigh [an old Bailey barrister] "behind to ship in & carry the place [Parliament] for the Tories", causing Dur[?] to rush out. The meeting has passed a resolution not to contest the borough this election but next. Hughes refers to a Committee meeting he has attended were they resolved to have a public meeting [tomorrow] in the mechanics institute. Hughes says he will walk to Marston church and visit Lady Cork. The second, refers to the matter now being settled according to the Chairman of the Tories [Olave], "It seems that [?] Sleigh's bills were actually printed with his address" but that he had thought better of this and had ordered it burned. Hughes comments that no one would have had the slightest chance "here" unless the Liberals were divided. He then writes about a service he has attended were Bennett spoke of idolatries in which he included politics.