Thomas Hughes to Mrs Hughes, The Holmstead, Roundhay, Leeds, ud

Scope and Content

The letter refers to the possibility of going to hear the Bishop of Carlyle preach in Leeds [four miles away]. Hughes refers to a satisfactory meeting of the Central Board at which the report and programme was settled. He states that it is encouraging how well the movement [co-operative] grows and is bringing prosperity to hundreds. Hughes had been to Dewsbury [the day before he is writing] and comments that their society [co-operative] building is the finest yet, commenting that the ground cost pound14,000 and the building pound30,000, he refers to the members being mainly factory workers or miners and having pound84,000 profit over the last six years. Hughes spoke to the society for half an hour. He reports that his face is carved in stone of the entrance to the library and hall, saying it is a fair likeness. Hughes comments on his host and says that they are near a fine park bought for the people by the Leeds Corporation.