Letters from [concealed sendee], Chingford, ud [10 Jun-21 Oct]

Scope and Content

This file contains three letters and one photograph. The first letter, 10 Jun, regards particulars sent to a Reverend, by the sender, about their youngest daughter. The photograph is of her at four years and two months. The letter also mentions the ages of other children. The sender then thanks Miss Hughes for her help. The second letter, 6 Aug, gives further details of the case and refers to the possibility of their being a school for poor law officers children [portion underlined by Miss Hughes] and the sister of the sendee having contacted the Infant Orphan Asylum at Wanstead. The third, 21 Oct, discusses a suggestion for employment for the sendee and gives further news of the children. The letter gives the ladies name but is undated and so has been treated as being written at the latest date of the dated letters.