George Hughes to Miss Mary Hughes, Topeka, Kansas, 5 Sep 1915

Scope and Content

The letter is typedscript with handwritten corrections. The letter regards a paper of the ILP [Independent Labour Party] and an address by Christabel [George has typed Sylvia but Miss Hughes has corrected this] Pankhurst [suffragette] from October 1914. George refers to The Times reporting this paper had been stopped and so he is glad to have received it, he comments in response to it that he cannot hate the Germans or fully blame them and "I cannot find anyhting in the ILP paper which should have stopped it [being circulated], outside of Prussia". George writes that Christabel Pankhurst has courage and genius, although she is confused about economic procedure and her belief that human evolution only comes with violent fiction is totally wrong. George states that he is for the Allies to win and is pained by any other possibility. George then gives family news.