George Hughes to Miss Mary Hughes [Kingsley Hall], 3 Mar 1915

Scope and Content

The letter is typedscript with handwritten corrections. The letter regards Miss Hughes percieved sadness at moving from Commercial Road to Kingsley Hall. George then imparts family news and the health of a train driver he knows. George then discusses the American train service, stating that the freight crews have "produced an organization that is unsurpassed in labor unions" resulting in good pay and attracting good men. George then says that Dicks article is provoking and he is sure he is right that "U S Europe is at the end of it [the war]. He then discusses Dicks reluctancy to use the word US, preferring league, and comments that it should be used advisadly, the people of Georgia and Kansas being as dissimilar as Germany and Greece. The bond, as George seems it, is economic protectionism. George writes that the Socialists everywhere are taking Dicks plan and arguments [ie freedom is key], he then discuss free trade and thelink to arnaments. Only to be produced under close supervision.