Dated letters to unidentified addressees, 9 Apr 1914-26 Sep 1924

Scope and Content

This file contains four letters. The first, from Isaac O Yukon, Diocese of Yukon, Canada, 9 Apr 1914, it is incomplete and regards some parishioners at St Judes, Whitechapel who have died, he names them as Ernest and Lilian Carter and asks if Lilian was the addresses sister. The letter is therefore presumably to one of the surviving Hughes children. Lilian died with the sinking of the Titanic, 1914. He asks if the addressee has heard the circumstances from any of the survivors. The second from CW, 5 Oct 1915, is probably to Miss Hughes [Letters to Miss Hughes from CW THL/5/20], it refers to liking the addressees brothers letters and then comments that [Woodrow] Wilson right not to come out emphatically against German inhumanity and discusses the outcomes had the Americans boycotted German trade. CW then asks advise about placing the housekeeper of Toynbee Hall school somewhere else. The third, from FJ Heaton, St Marks" Crescent, 11 Oct 1915, is addressed to kind leader [probably Miss Hughes as they also refer to Commercial Road] and regards temperance and their views associated with it. The writer then says there are some nice men in D3 but they will no doubt die soon [probably a hospital ward]. Also referred to is a mutual friend married to a German who has found people have begun "dropping" her. The forth, from Henry Harwood, Birkdale, 26 Sep 1924, is addressed to "Dear Sir", it regards the writing of a biography of Thomas Hughes.