George Hughes to Miss Mary Hughes, 22 Feb 1914

Scope and Content

The letter is typedscript with handwritten corrections and is incomplete. The letter refrs to Whitechapel, saying that whilst material recognition has been absent to a degree ["rude and foolish"] Whitechapel is never far from us. George then discusses the evolution of understanding of himself and family whilst working their land [in America]. George then refers to a letter from Miss Sargent [possibly John Singer Sargent's daughter, at least one of who was involved in social work] that he started to answer before the [World War One started in June 1914] war but comments it is difficult to discuss things with "folks engaged in the hard job of kicking against the pricks" [warmongers?]. He then discusses Miss Sargent's heroworship in the letter and efforts to bring Gods kingdom to earth verses benevolent despotism. George then discusses a letter from the churchwarden [Miss Hughes has added in red ink B.C.W.]. Throughout he makes comments about land tax. Only digitised version can be produced.