Letters from James Ford, Bath, ud

Scope and Content

This file contains five letters and three items. James Ford was Mrs Francis [Fanny, Hughes's wife] Hughes's father. The first letter is to "my dear Tom", Bath, ud, refers to an agreement that is enclosed [not included] and thanks Tom for taking trouble with him. Ford refers to having placed items with Johnny and remarks he wishes he could detain him. The second letter is to "my dear Tom", Bath, ud, is a reply to Tom's questions relating to a publication. The third letter is to Mrs Hughes, Bath, ud, regards a loan Ford is making Mrs Hughes. The forth letter is to "my dear grandson", Aylesbury Arms, ud, sending regrets regarding his grandsons illness. The fifth is to Johnny [unclear which Hughes child this is but is signed GP, grandpa, as are the identifiable letters to grandchildren], Bath, ud, regards a possible meeting and describing his house in Bath. Also included are three folios on which Ford has copied out words of some hymes.