Letter from Rose Hobhouse, Enfield Buildings, Hoxton, ud [27 Jun]

Scope and Content

The letter regards news of Sibford school, near Banbury [A co-educational boarding school for the children of Quaker families opened in 1842 that is still operating] from Henry Harris. Hobhouse comments that the school is 'thoroughly recommended' and has an open door to the village and so is 'very healthy', with fees of pound25 per year for Friends [Quakers] and more for non-Friends. Hobhouse and Miss Hughes are evidently hoping they will take in a boy known to them, although he is under ten and not a 'friend', boys were taken from the age of ten normally. Hobhouse has been advised by Harris to advise Miss Hughes to approach the school through her. Harris was/had been a student at the school, he was local to the school and came from the next village,Hook Norton. He entered Sibford on 14 March 1842 and stayed until 30 August 1847. It is recorded that he was entry number 18 so he was one of the first pupils to join Sibford after its opening date of 1st January 1842. Sibford's first Head was Richard Routh who stayed for 38 years. The school holds a letter from Harris to Headmaster Robert B.Oddie, dated 1902.