Thomas Hughes to Mrs Hughes, War Office, London, ud [Dec]

Scope and Content

This file contains five letters. The first, reports that Hughes War Office work is going 'swimmingly good stroke for the nation". Hughes is also continuing his law war at Lincoln's Inn. Hughes is to prepare for the Westminster Hall "business" that he expects will be a success. He refers to seeing Mac, who is ill, and hoping to see Ned [Dr Hamilton]. Hughes has also seen Cholmondeley [probably the Marques thereof] and Watts. The second, Hughes writes he is of to Mrs Cowpers to settle the Williams house matter and refers to a factitious note about it he received at Chambers. He reports he will call on Ned [Dr Hamilton]. Hughes sends Christmas wishes. The third, refers to Hughes being surrounded by government lamps and furnishings and having seen the chief secretary. He writes that he has seen GB, Crowdy and will see the "dear old lady" [probably Lady Williams]. The forth, refers to rumours about Hughes's future at the Office. Hughes refers to a note left for Mrs Hughes by Willie Colville. Hughes refers to an account in The Times [newspaper] on distribution of prizes and a speech Hughes made on the subject. Hughes refers to Mac being worse. Hughes is going to talk to Ferrers about the dress making business [Co-operative] that has met a hitch about Clifford Street [presumably possible business premises] but as they are owned by Kellow Pye Hughes thinks it will be okay. The fifth, refers to Hughes work and his belief he will make a good job of it. Hughes then refers to domestic issues. He writes that the Crowdy dinner was rowdy, he mentions that Shirley Brookes, the editor of Notes and Queries, and Moran were there amongst other men. Hughes refers to our distribution of prizes.