Scope and Content

This is a collection of pamphlets and papers related to the Rochdale Unitarian Church. There are pamphlets on doctrine and theology within the Unitarian faith, and one entitled 'Articles of Faith' for use at the Sunday school, as well as a blank Sunday school attendance register. There is a booklet from the 1860s which gives a history of the life of the MP for Rochdale, Mr Thomas Bayley Potter, who was a Unitarian. Two pamphlets circulated by the Unitarian Home Missionary College in Manchester for 1904 and 1905 give an overview of the works conducted by that college in those years, and its plans for future activities. There is also a pamphlet on the Nestorian Church in India and its appeal to people there. A postcard is included which lists 'Unitarian Affirmations' such as the 'sacred authority' of human reason and conscience'.