Scope and Content

This piece is written in the same handwriting as the piece on 'Our Unitarian Faith' and so is presumably also written by A Spedding. It discusses Unitarian women and their place within the faith. The notes begin by recounting an incident at a Van Mission meeting when someone in the crowd asked why all 'great men' are against Unitarianism if it is the right faith. The missioner replied by asking how many 'great minds' Jesus had supporting him, but then went on to list many famous men and women who were Unitarians. The piece notes the significance of the noteworthy number of Unitarian women and discusses the role of Enlightenment and female education in the 19th century in this phenomenon. It goes on to give a detailed account of several, such as Mary Carpenter, Florence Nightingale, Harriet Martineau, Mary Somerville, and others. The piece gives details of their lives and work and how Unitarianism influenced both. At the back of the notes is a full list of significant Unitarian women.