Scope and Content

This hardcover book is 'The Advance: The Journal of the Clover Street Unitarian Sunday School Young Men's Class'. It contains handwritten accounts of the work conducted at the Sunday school, the sermons given and the debates held. It also contains some newspaper cuttings related to the school and photos of the Clover Street Chapel. It gives accounts of the work conducted by the students and the aims of the teachers. It also contains a flyer for a 1937 pantomime performance of Robinson Crusoe, and a list of rules for the Sunday school for 1856-58. There is also some loose correspondence from 1975 from a lady to Cyril Smith MP, who attended the same Unitarian church in Rochdale as her parents. She shares a memory of attending the church and meeting T.P Spedding, and then discusses Smith's change of political allegiance from Labour to Liberal. There is also a letter from Smith to a man about this previous letter and about another man who wishes to join the Unitarians.