Scope and Content

This is a page from a journal article entitled 'The Late Rev T.P Spedding: A Memorial at Great Hucklow'. The journal it is from is unclear. It gives a history of his life, from his birth in Stockport in 1865 to his becoming minister at Rochdale in 1886 and then through to the Van Mission years from 1907 until his death in 1918. The article describes Spedding as minister as hardworking, energetic and popular, and notes that he believed fully in the importance of education and as such ensured that his church offered lots of classes. The article also gives a summary of the amalgamation of Blackwater Street and Clover Street chapels to become Rochdale Unitarian Church under Spedding. The article claims that it was Spedding's belief in education was his main inspiration for starting the Van Mission. It credits him with having excellent communication skills and a good ability to engage with people. The piece also gives an account of how Spedding spent the war years: visiting Home Camps and hospitals to preach to soldiers, in a position that was regularised by the Undersecretary for War in 1916, making him the first Unitarian padre appointed in the UK.