Rochdale Unitarian Church

Scope and Content

These are papers pertaining to the Rochdale Unitarian Church and its minister 1886-1907, T.P Spedding. Included are several annual reports on the church, summarising the events and developments of the last year and the plans for the next, as well as updates on the lives of its congregation and on the financial state of the church. There is a pamphlet on the history of the church, along with 19 photo negatives. An envelope of newspaper cuttings with articles related to the church is also included, and these articles are concerned with the Van Mission as well as other events in the church's calendar, its history and the work of Spedding. There is a pamphlet and several papers related to the well-being and the maintenance of the church, for example meetings concerned with its financial state. Other pamphlets deal with questions of doctrine or with the place of certain issues within Unitarianism, such as one on the role of women in the faith. Further papers are concerned with the history of the church and of Unitarianism in the area. The diary of T.P Spedding is also included, and contains much information about the history of the church and of Unitarianism in Manchester, as well as material pertaining to the Van Mission.