Newspaper Cuttings

Scope and Content

These newspaper cuttings all contain articles related to the Van Mission, both contemporary and historical. There is a 2007 cutting from the Rochdale Observer which gives a broad history of Rochdale Unitarian Church, citing it as the first non-conformist place of worship in Rochdale and crediting it with having a big influence over the establishment of the cooperative movement in 1844. It also gives a history of the church buildings. Another cutting is a 1913 article by Spedding in the Christian Life, discussing the importance of the Van Mission. It is not clear from which newspaper the 1918 cutting announcing the death of Spedding comes from, but it gives a brief summary of his life and achievements. The final cutting is from The Inquirer in 1985, and is an article discussing the history of the Van Mission and how some Unitarians would support its revival.