Defendant: Robert Ellis and William Warlow

Scope and Content

(1) Robert Ellis of Conway, a Hawker.

(2) William Warlow of Conway, a Hawker.

(1) and (2) Charged with stealing one cart and one set of harness belonging to Evan Evans.

Witness statements from Evan Evans, of Llan Ffestiniog, a Hawker; John Pritchard, of Caernarfon, a Hawker; David Williams and David Morris Jones, both Police Constables at Conway.

(1) and (2) Verdict: Guilty. Sentenced to 1 calendar month hard labour.

ATTACHED: Three pieces of evidence:

(1) Receipt from Evan Evans. (2) Envelope to Mr. Evan Evans. (3) Letter to Evan Evans from Robert Ellis.

NOTE: On the Receipt (1) The mark of William Warlow also had the name Jones following it.