Defendants: Charles Burgess and Sarah Jane Burgess

Scope and Content

FOUR CHARGES: First charge.

(1) Charles Burgess of 3 Caradoc Terrace, Llandudno Junction.

(2) Sarah Jane Burgess of 3 Caradoc Terrace, Llandudno Junction.

Charged with stealing four bedsheets, seven pillowslips, one bedroom towel, traycloth, red petticoat, white skirt, child's petticoat, boddice, pair knickers, red blouse, two pinafores, four handkerchiefs, pink skirt, white skirt, pink knickers, two muslin aprons, white apron and three pocket handkerchiefs belonging to William Owen.

Witness statements from Anne Parry Jones, a Servant at Llangelynin Rectory and Evan Foulkes Evans, a Police Sergeant at Conway.

(1) Verdict: Guilty. Sentenced to 3 calendar months hard labour.

(2) Verdict: Guilty. Sentenced to 1 calendar month hard labour.