Letter from Loyal Johnson to his family

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Written from Amherst, Massachusetts, [United States of America]. Manuscript

He has not written since landing in New York; he is developing pictures in Amherst; he has another 200 to print which will take one or two days; he developed all the films and also printed 135 from Sam's negatives; he has been staying with Bro Wood and last night came to spend a few nights with Prof Combs; he has a lot to do this week; he does not know where he will be going; he wrote to a nursery at Framingham near Boston about doing landscape work for them; Prof Combs is trying to get him a job in the office he worked in in New York, which would be his preferred option; it is pleasant to be back and renew old acquaintances, and the Connecticut valley looks good and feels like home; he found their letter on his return; he will reply soon to Mr Edman and hopes to take care of him in a month or so; he does not expect to have trouble getting work; the other letter his family enclosed was from Mr Rouse, whom he met on the Laconia; he has been enjoying talking about his travels in Great Britain; he hopes to finish his pictures tomorrow; he hopes that 'spudding' will be profitable

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