Photographic negatives and envelopes

Scope and Content

Negatives measure 12 x 7 cm. Negatives and envelopes are labelled and labels correspond to lists of captions in the notebooks (A1-Z6 are referenced in journal LRJ/1/1, and AA1-BB6 are referenced in journal LRJ/1/2). Negatives were originally stored in envelopes and these were transferred into albums in 2017 for preservation purposes. The 35 envelopes are labelled as follows:

In Album 1:



C1-6 D1-6

E1-6 F1-6

G1-6 H1-6

I1-6 J1-6

K1-6 L1-6

M1-6 N1-6

O1-12 [O7 and O8 not present]

P1-12 [P4 not present]

Q1-12 [Q6 and Q10 not present]


S1-12 [S2 not present]

T1-6 U1-6 [U1 and 4 not present]

V1-6 W1-6

X1-6 Y1-6

Z1-6 AA1-6 [AA3 not present]

AB1-6 AC1-6

AD1-6 AE1-6


AG1-12 [AG5 not present]

In Album 2:

AH1-12 [AH12 not present]




[AL not present]

AM1-12 [AM6, AM8 and AM12 not present]

AN1-6 AO1-6 [AO2 not present]

AP1-6 AQ1-6

AR1-6 AS1-6

AT1-6 AU1-6 [AU2 not present]

AV1-6 AW1-6 [AV2 not present]

AX1-6 AY1-6

AZ1-6 BA1-6


White Mountains and Hoosac Falls, dated 1 Jan 1928