Journal of Loyal Johnson relating to his tour of gardens in Great Britain with Sam Brewster

Scope and Content

Relates to the final days of his stay in England, 6-14 Sep 1928. Later entries relate to photographs taken in the United States of America

Summary of journal narrative, pages 3-35:

(6 Sep) Packing for departure; British Museum reading room; matinee at the Coliseum

(7 Sep) To Southampton by train; to Bittern Park by car [?tram] and bus; Townhill (Mr Rose, gardener), with sunken garden, pergola, vines, lily pool with metal figures of wading birds, foreign species (mainly Chinese), fruit and vegetable garden, walls constructed of hollow building tile, and outdoor peaches; shopping at Woolworths

(8 Sep) Departing from Southampton dock on the Berengaria; exploring the boat; stopping at Cherbourg to take on passengers

(9 Sep) Fellow passengers; attending church service; passing the time

(10 Sep) Weather conditions; fellow passengers

(11 Sep) Playing deck tennis; exploring the ship; musical entertainment

(12 Sep) Playing bridge; passing the time

(13 Sep) Seeing the dawn break; horse races on deck; carnival dance, with sketch by Miss Chapin

(14 Sep) Health inspection; playing deck tennis; New York harbour and the Statue of Liberty

At front and rear of the volume are notes comprising:

Page 1 and unnumbered pages at rear: Names and addresses

Unnumbered pages at rear comprise:

Notes on rhododendrons and azaleas, Jun 1929

Record of photographs taken including New Hampshire, May 1929-Nov 1930

Brief notes of activities, including docking, undated [?1928]

Expenses, 8-14 Sep 1928

[Berengaria]: record of trip (daily latitude, longitude and knots)

35 numbered pages (recto and verso numbered) used; a large part of the volume is blank

Condition: Unfit for production: use surrogate. Front cover is cracked but intact; front cover beginning to split from first page of text block; page 29-30 is detached; edges of paper are in fair condition but show signs of slight water damage and are stained slightly blue; contents are written in pencil. Awaiting conservation

All pages of this journal are available on iBase, image numbers LIB00050242-LIB00050283

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