Campanula drawings and photographs by Gertrude Jekyll

Scope and Content

These items are held in the Lindley Library art collection. Art collection references are in square brackets beside each item, where these have been allocated. As at Jul 2014 some of these items were awaiting cataloguing as part of the art collection. The following constitutes an interim description

These items were previously in a dark blue album, disbound in the early 1990s for conservation purposes. The album is currently stored off site

Photographs are of:

Campanula allionii (2 photographs)

Campanula cespitosa

Campanula carpatica

Campanula garganica

Campanula lactiflora with Campanula urticifolia

Campanula linifolia

Campanula muralis var. major

Campanula tommasiniana

Campanula van-houttei

Campanula cochleariifolia

Drawings are of:

Campanula allionii

Campanula alpina

Campanula morettiana

Campanula raineri

Campanula thyrsoides

Campanula excisa (framed) [67034-1001]

Campanula formanekiana (framed) [67035-1001]

Campanula zoysii (framed) [67040-1001]

Campanula allionii (framed) [67039-1001]

Campanula cenisia (framed) [67036-1001]

Campanula cochleariifolia (framed) [67037-1001]

Undated [c.1860s-1880s; in 1891 Jekyll saw an eye specialist who discouraged or forbade close work; the drawings for this album may have been made prior to this restriction; she took up photography in 1885; see 'Miss Jekyll: Portrait of a Great Gardener' / by Betty Massingham]