Letter from Gertrude Jekyll to Mrs Brand [Amy Barnes Brand]

Scope and Content

Written from Munstead Wood, Godalming, [Surrey]. Manuscript

Jekyll will send the plants for the peony border to Gomshall station on Tuesday 22nd, and those for the terrace loggia bed the following week; the delphiniums should be of true blue colouring from among those Brand has; Jekyll notes that Brand also has nepeta, columbines and anchusa; the planting plan of the peony border was sent to Woodhouse Copse yesterday but will probably have been sent on to Brand. Dated 16 Nov [1927; other letters dated 1927 relate to the peony border; 22 Nov was a Tuesday in 1927; in addition, an envelope is postmarked 16 Nov 1927]. The suffix ‘th’ and year ‘1927’ have been added to the date in pencil. With envelope