Letter from Francis Jekyll to Mrs Brand [Amy Barnes Brand]

Scope and Content

Written from Munstead Wood, Heath Lane, Godalming, [Surrey]. Manuscript

As Brand is a faithful customer he would like to supply what she has requested, and encloses the last edition of their catalogue; he warns that many items in it are no longer available; for example he has no hellebores but hopes to have some next year, and the primula seed has all been disposed of to the trade; he can offer the other plants from her list including rosemary, lavender, primula, peonies and foliage shrubs such as Cineraria maritima, santolina, Stachys lanata and artemisia, for all of which he gives prices; Brand is welcome to come and see Francis Jekyll�s gardener, Mr Stowe, who knows better than he what is available; he offers seedling alstroemeria, China lilies and evergreen plants including Berberis aquifolium, megasea, saxifrage, funkia and Gaultheria shallon; they will have seed this year including Erinus alpinus, Munstead white foxglove, nigella �Munstead vanity�, alstroemeria and many annuals