Papers relating to Weir Pumps

Scope and Content

Including: Details of Weir Feed Pump; Details of war-time concessions affecting G & J Weir Ltd; Insurance and pension data; Feed pump plans, details; Report on sales, orders; Details of proposed postwar reconstruction; 1945 Review of output; Minutes of meeting on juvenile employment and apprentice training; Details and maps for layout of works; Paper 'Theory of Stress due to Collapse of Vapour Bubbles in a Liquid' (R S Silver); 'The Pressure Wave System in the Periodic Flow of Liquid in a Pipe' (R S Silver); Supplementary to 1942 budget; Details of Weir investments; Reports: Work of Research Department, Position of Territorials; Proposed establishment of Precision Department; Report on visit to Vickers-Armstrong; Report on stand at Empire Exhibition; Proposed increase of working hours; Proposed installation of chromium plating plant; Necessary output to meet budget; Report: Paris Exhibition; Threatened apprentice strike; Plan of main office; Reports: Impressions of Germany, Visits to Continental Foundries; Report: Anglo-Iranian Oil Kellogs; 1936 Budget; Report: ICI units at Billingham; Court of Inquiry into Stairport pumps; Summary of gear manufacturers in Italy; Reports correspondence - 'E H fuel injection pumps'; Argus Holm foundries - casting report; Report: plant depreciation; Report: reciprocating pumps; Throw pump plans; Proposed manufacture of steel golf club shafts (report); Report: Projected naval construction programme; Works memoranda; 1932 'On Cost programme'; Notes on Mitsubishi agreement; Memorandum, reorganisation of machine shops; Plan, proposed rearrangement of Smith; 1931 Weir policy conference: reports, correspondence; Report: Hargreaves Delas closed feed systems and plans; Accounts reports, tube production; Report: visit to Deutz Motoren Fabrik; Paper: 'Estimating Production Costs'; 1929 Laboratory report; Report: Electric induction furnace; 1929 Works scheme; Correspondence reports - improved efficiency of external combustion engine; Report: 'Modern feed water circuits'; Analysis of machinery by Shipbuilding Employers' Federation; Correspondence, A G Mannheim turbines; Booklet, Conditions of Apprenticeship; Apprentice wage rate; Report: visit to Atlas Works, Brennen; (1945) Letter to British Aircraft Factory; Report by HMS Birmingham on turbine feed pumps; Report: proposed establishment of works magazine; Report: Heat transmission apparatus; 1939-1942 Estimated output; Report: Heat exchange apparatus; Proposed development of steel foundry; Report: Boiler feed pump; Amendment to Admiralty contracts