General correspondence

Scope and Content

Including: A copy of agreement of deed of declaration trust between Monel-Weir on the one part and Lord Weir and R C Stanley on the other part; Correspondence concerning Lord Weir's appointment to the Board of Directors of INCO; Interim financial statements of INCO; INCO annual reports; Minutes of Advisory Committee of INCO; Memorandum on Redemption of Preferred Stock of INCO by Dr Evans; Directors' report of general meeting of Monel-Weir; Reports and balance sheets of general meetings of Monel-Weir; Correspondence concerning opening of Research and Development Department Laboratory in Birmingham (Monel); Memoranda on: a) 'Push Bench' method of tube manufacture and its possible application to Monel metal b) Monel metal hardware for lines transmitting electrical power c) The SAE method of steel identification and the possibility of its adoption in Britain and Europe d) The refining of precious metals by the Mond Nickel Co e) Visit to Germany, Paris, Brussels and Czechoslovakia by C Marples f) Tube production by extrusion g) 'Is Nickel Essentially a War Material?' by R C Stanley