Scope and Content

Mar 1938 and Apr 1939 Minutes of Scottish Development Council annual general meeting; 1938 Committee reports and yearly balance sheets for East Renfrewshire, Prestwick and Turnberry Golf Clubs, accounts and balance sheets of Carlton Club; 1938 Committee report and accounts for Whitecraigs Lawn Tennis and Sports Club; 1939 Institute of Naval Architects Members Ltd; 21 Apr 1939 Record of proceedings of Imperial Shipping Committee; 31 Dec 1938 Annual report of the Scottish Homeopathic Hospital for Children; 1938 Annual report of Glasgow County Scout Council; Jun 1939 Scottish Wild Bird News ; Apr 1939 Accounts and Committee Report, Automobile Association; 1938 Report of Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund; 30 Jan 1939 Annual report and accounts of Western Meeting Club; 17 Jan 1939 Accounts of Glasgow Ayrshire Society; 23 Mar 1939 Annual general meeting report and accounts of Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts; 29 Mar 1939 Report by House of Commons Select Committee on Prevention of Road Accidents; 1939 Advertising material for Buick cars and for Humber cars; Feb 1939 Report of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Journal; 10 Feb 1939 Annual general meeting report for the Royal Aero Club; 1939 'The Impossible Promise' published by the Society of Life; 1939 Report on World Foundry Congress; 1939 Confidential report of 'Economic League'