Sugar beet publications

Scope and Content

Includes 1923 J N Mowbray, Beet Sugar in England from the Farmers' Standpoint , NFU 1923; A Wood, The Cultivation of Sugar Beet , British Sugar Beet Growers' Society; J P Dudok Van Hiel, Inheritance of Bolting in Sugar Beet Coffee and Sugar Facts , Nortz & Co; 1927 Sugar Manual , Cifra Ltd, London; 1928 The Oxford Drying Process , Sugar Beet and Crop Dryers Ltd; 1925 Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Research Monograph No.3. Sugar Beet: The results of an inquiry into the costs of production, yields and returns in 1924, HMSO; Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries: Report on an investigation into the Desiccation of Sugar Beet and the extraction of sugar, with note on treatment of sugar beet effluents by B J Owens, HMSO, 1927; 1927 The Sugar Beet Club magazine, Nos.1 and 3; 1927 Sugar Beet Review , Vol.1, Nos. 2, 3, 5; 1927 British Sugar Beet Grower , Vol.1, No.2