File of notes, speeches and other papers on industry

Scope and Content

5 Jun 1926 Report from the Berliner Tageblatt on Lord Weir's steel houses; 1925 Report under Industrial Courts Act 1919 of Court of Inquiry concerning steel houses; 1923-1926 Notes and letters concerning steel housing; Notes and speech to an Engineering Congress at the Empire Exhibition; 19 Jan 1921 Speech at annual dinner of British Machine Tool Makers' Association; 18 Nov 1919 Speech at Glasgow University on receiving LL.D.; 30 Oct 1919 Speech at Marine Engineers' dinner (duplicate); 22 Jan 1920 Speech at Scottish Motor Traders Association dinner (duplicate); Draft report to Minister of the Military Co-ordination Committee; 23 Jan 1920 Speech at opening of Scottish Motor Show (duplicate); 12 Feb 1920 Speech to Liverpool Engineering Society (duplicate); 13 Feb 1920 Speech to Manchester Association of Engineers; 18 Feb 1920 Speech to Coventry Chamber of Commerce; 25 Feb 1920 Speech to Royal Scottish Automobile Club annual dinner; 5 May 1920 Speech to Public School Cadets; 29 Jun 1920 Speech at presentation of prizes to Glasgow High School pupils (duplicate); 30 Jun 1920 Speech at annual dinner of the Junior Institution of Engineers (duplicate); 17 Sep 1920 Speech at Incorporation of Hammermen annual dinner (duplicate); 13 Oct 1920 Speech at Air Conference; 11 Nov 1919 Speech at reunion dinner - Iron and Steel Production Department Ministry of Munitions (duplicate); 2 Dec 1919 Speech to the Institute of Marine Engineers; 28 Oct 1919 Speech to Iron Moulders at Holm Foundry; 8 Jul 1919 Speech to North-East Coast Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders (duplicate); 8 Oct 1919 Speech at Trades House dinner, Glasgow (duplicate); 24 Sep 1919 Speech to Royal Aeronautical Society (Scottish Branch); 25 Sep 1919 Speech at Shipping Engineering and Machinery Exhibition; 14 May 1919 Speech at Beardmore's victory dinner; 3 Apr 1919 Speech at Institution of Mechanical Engineers; 10 Apr 1919 Speech to Institute of Naval Architects Speech at centenary dinner for Wm Denny; 12 May 1952 Speech at RSAC complimentary dinner for Lord Weir (duplicate); 1 Dec 1949 Speech at RSAC dinner; 15 Mar 1919 Speech at Glasgow and West of Scotland Foremen Engineers and Draftsmen; 7 Mar 1919 Speech at James Watt dinner; 1 Feb 1919 Speech at dinner to Squadrons which went overseas in August 1914 (duplicate); Speech at RSAC Hill Club competition; Speech at International Engineering Congress in Glasgow; Speech at fund-raising event for Engineering and Naval Architecture Departments of Glasgow University; Foreword to a history of the RSAC; Speech at annual dinner of the Incorporation of Hammermen of Glasgow; Speech at Engineering Congress in Glasgow City Chambers; Speech at Scottish Amicable Building Society dinner; 20 Jul 1944 Speech at press lunch for Scottish Special Housing Association; Speech against motor taxation; 1949 Speech at opening of Scottish Motor Exhibition; Notes for opening an International Engineering Congress at the Empire Exhibition; Speech on the Engineer and the Modern State; 5 Nov 1954 Speech at Semi-Jubilee luncheon of Henry Wiggin & Co; Speech to Board of ICI on long service awards; Speech at opening of Research Laboratory, Birmingham; Speech to RSAC Club dinner announcing patronage of HRH (duplicate); Speeches at annual general meeting of Board of Directors ‰?? Cathcart; 31 Jan 1955 Speech at RSAC dinner; Speech at presentation dinner, Holm Foundry; Speech at presentation dinner; Speech at Joint ICI Board, Weir Board luncheon; Speech at civic function in Glasgow City Chambers; Speech to Scottish Motor Traders Association; Speech on electrification of railways; Speech on the 'Gift of an Inkwell'; 18 Dec 1950 Speech at ICI Board meeting; 4 Oct 1946 Speech at a dinner of some Motor Trade Society; Speech at RSAC dinner (duplicate); 27 Apr 1918 Speech to Air Ministry staff on occasion of Lord Weir's appointment as Secretary of State for the RAF; 24 May 1918 Speech to annual meeting of Overseas Club (duplicate); 12 Dec 1918 Speech at Lord Mayor's banquet, Manchester; 31 Dec 1918 Speech at Manchester accepting a plane subscribed for by the A.I.D.; 28 Jan 1919 Speech at Assistant Controllers of Aircraft Supply; 11 Dec 1951 Speech at John Brown Shipyard centenary dinner; 1938 Draft speech for opening of Engineering Congress Speech to RSAC; Dec 1949 Foreword to jubilee history of the RSAC; 1938 Notes for opening of Engineering Congress at the Empire Exhibition; 1938 Provisional programme for June at Eastwood; 17 Jun 1938 List of suggested guests for Sir James Lithgow's luncheon