File of notes, speeches and other papers on industry

Scope and Content

Copy of the 'Coal Crisis'; 24 Jan 1921 Letter to The Times ; 17 Dec 1920 Various after dinner speeches, including 'Some reflections on our industrial situation'; 1921 Journal of the Junior Institution of Engineers , Vol.31, No.4; Oct 1920 'Some notes on foundries and production'; 18 Oct 1920 Speech to Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, 'Some factors governing production and the character of industrial policy required to improve our position'; 30 Aug 1921 Reprints of a letter to The Times ; 13 Feb 1919 Presidential Address to Institute of Marine Engineers; Nov 1919 Weir Bulletin No.2, 1919 and No.3; May 1918 Speech to the House of Commons on functioning of the Air Ministry; 14 May 1919 Copy of Beardmore News , report to the Prime Minister on housing, 17 Feb 1923; 11 Jan 1920 Letter to The Times , 'Industrial relativity'