Megson's Travellers' Order Book

Scope and Content

Megson's Travellers' Order Book containing copies of Oscar Eckenstein's correspondence with N.M. Penzer concerning Eckenstein's Burton Collection. It includes a letter from Penzer’s solicitor to Eckenstein dated 17th December 1920 threatening legal action because of Eckenstein’s refusal to proceed with the sale of his Burton collection to Penzer, and one from Eckenstein’s solicitor to Eckenstein dated 23rd December 1920 discussing the possibility of a settlement. (The record of the correspondence between Penzer and Eckenstein breaks off at this point. Eckenstein died April 8 1921).

There is also a letter from Margery Cham to Lewis C. Loyd, from “The Cave, Oving" (Eckenstein’s former home), dated 8 December 1922, saying that she was sending all that she could find of copies of Eckenstein’s letters to Penzer.