Letter from Henry Thomas Colebrooke to Nathaniel Wallich, 18 March 1818

Scope and Content

Letter from Henry Thomas Colebrooke to Nathaniel Wallich, pleased to hear that Wallich has resumed his role at the Botanic Gardens and thanking Wallich for his responses to Colebrooke's previous inquiries. He thanks Wallich also for sending seeds and that the plants that he sent are doing well at Kew. He asks if more can be sent. Wallich will be proposed for the Linnean Society after the Easter break and can also be proposed to the Geological Society. Colebrooke is keen to promote study on the geology of India and states information that he would like to collect. Colebrooke is pleased that Wallich is in contact with Mr Alexander of the Cape of Good Hope. He is also contemplating whether the "Gayal" would be suitable cattle for Cape of Good Hope and England and is looking into the possibility of shipping some heifers and steers. Handwritten, dated 18 March 1818, with Wallich's dating, arrived 28 July by Marchioness of Ely, answered 29 July by [Oriton]