Letter from Henry Thomas Colebrooke to Nathaniel Wallich, 15 April 1818

Scope and Content

Letter from Henry Thomas Colebrooke to Nathaniel Wallich in which Colebrooke thanks Wallich for his correspondence and the seeds he has sent. The one that Wallich has sent for the Botanic Garden at Copenhagen he has given to Dr Fleming to take. Colebrooke encourages Wallich to write to Fleming as Fleming was instrumental in Wallich keeping his position at the Botanic Garden. He reiterates his desire for Wallich to send living plants. Colebrooke also thanks Wallich for geological specimens and gives instructions as to how to package them correctly. Wallich has been proposed for the Linnean Society which will meet some weeks after the letter's date. Handwritten, dated 15 April, 1818 with further dating in Wallich's hand arrived 24 October.