Women in Media Minutes

Scope and Content

Minutes date from 30 Jan to 27 Nov 1978

Particular items:

30 Jan 1978 - report on symposium 'Women and writing'; ERA (Equal Rights Amendment US constitution) needs more signatures

27 Feb 1978 - meeting with EOC arranged for 21 Apr; Women and writing symposium on 18 Mar; Advertising sub-committee meeting on 22 Mar; London Homeworking Campaign

22 Mar 1978 - London Homeworking campaign pressing for better pay and conditions for women who work at home

Special notice from the Advertising sub-committee

24 Apr 1978 - inequality at Reuters; report on symposium 'Women and writing'

22 May 1978 - meeting with Shirley Summerskill at the Home Office; meeting with Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC); report on EEC draft directive on advertising

26 Jun 1978 - married women and tax; 50 years of the vote celebration; equal rights amendment

25 Sep 1978 - monitoring TV commercials

30 Oct 1978 - EOC tax conference

27 Nov 1978 - Reuters and recruitment of women; Sterilisation Bill

Group and general discussion topics for meeting on 18 Dec 1978