Women in Public Life

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- notes of meetings held on 19 Aug, 30 Sep, 2 Nov, 3 Dec 1981, 22 Jan, 10 Mar, 20 Apr, 15 Jun, 19 Jul, 16 Aug, 6 Sep, 12 Oct, 17 Nov, 29 Nov, 9 Dec 1982

- minutes of 1st meeting of Working Party on Women in Public Life held on 9 Mar 1983

- brief summary of current situation at 2 Nov 1981

- notes on meeting Mr Viv Bingham on 27 May 1982

- note on meeting with Joan Lestor MP on 4 May 1982

- list of members of the Women in Public and Political sub-group

- paper on Women in public appointments by Marion Giordan

- obituary for Marion Giordan who died on 27 Sep 1983

- some covering letters for minutes

- photocopy of nomination form for possible membership of nationalised industry consumers councils

- photocopy of WIM [Women in Management] winter 1986 with information on Women in Public Life

- leaflets for Women in Public Life

- photocopy of extract from the Dame Margery Corbett Ashby Lecture delivered by Margaret Thatcher for the NUTG on 26 Jul 1982 'Women in a changing world'

- digest of replies from government departments re female appointments on public bodies, Jun 1982

- carbon copy of Mary Stott's report on equality of opportunity in women in public life areas