Campaign for more women recruitment in the communications field

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- 'Slavery and irresponsibility in the media. A statement from the Broadcasting section of Women in Media'

- copy of letter dated 11 May 1972 to 'The Times' re changing names of female writers to male writers (manuscript note has that practice has been discontinued)

- photocopy of memorandum to House of Lords Select Committee from Women in Media (Broadcasting Section) re employment of women in television

- note of meeting with Sir John Eden on 20 Sep 1972

- report on the position of women in the BBC, dated 18 Oct 1972

- photocopy of article on opportunities at British Broadcasting Corporation

- typescript of main servicing departments for BBC-TV production

- notice for Association of Broadcasting Staff for attention of BBC women

- Association of Broadcasting Staff newsletter Feb 1972 and provision of creche facilities form

- correspondence concerning recruitment of floor assistants and film and camera recording categories

- report to the Annual Conference 1973, ACTT sub-committee on discrimination against women

- letters re opportunities for women in the BBC, 1979

- manuscript notes re recruitment of women

- photocopy of women in television around the regions

- carbon copy letter to Brian Morris and photocopy of press cuttings re women presenters for 'What the papers say'

- photocopy of article 'The truth about women in television' from Working Women, 1970s

- letters re the representation of Women in Media at a conference at Television Centre, 1973

- list of names at ITV, 16 Nov 1973

- photocopy from unidentified publication on 'Policies on employment of women....' in the BBC

- correspondence re position of women journalists, 1975

- material re National Union of Journalists, 1973

- photocopy of report by Jane Franchi (BBC TV Aberdeen) on 'UK media monitoring body'

- photocopy of draft press release re National Council for the Training of Journalists scheme, 1989

- photocopy of article from 'Broadcast' re women in management at Capital Radio

- questionnaire form to show the number of men and women working at newspaper and the position they held

- correspondence re recruitment of women at Reuters, 1978